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The ZEMMLER MULTI SCREEN MS 1600 is mainly designed for landscape gardening. Because of the compact measurements and the low weight, the double trommel screening machine can be pulled by pick-up van OR small truck.

With the help of the extended 3 fraction, the MS 1600 is modified in few minutes from a 2 to 3 fraction screening machine and is screening like the big ones.

The electric operating mode causes a low energy consumption.


Troughput (material-dependent)

  • 5 up to 30 m³/h


  • Electic (power rating 16A)
  • Optional with petrol power generator (from 10,0 kVA on) or diesel power generator (11,0 kVA)

Double trommel

  • Screening surface: 5,2 m² (inner), 6,5 m² (outer)
  • Outer diameter: 1.300 mm
  • Trommel length: 1.740 / 2.640 mm

Wire screens

  • Interchangable
  • Mesh size from 2 to 80 mm
  • Inner mesh size 75 x 170 mm (standard)


  • 2 fractions
  • Optional 3rd fraction with extension

Feeding hopper

  • Volume: 1,85 m³
  • Loading height: 2.300 mm
  • Loading length: 2.450 mm

Weight (depending on features)

  • max. 3.500 kg

Transportation measurements (L x W x H)

  • 6.450 x 2.100 x 3.200 mm

On skids, hook lift, 5t- spring axis

Further features
Extension for 3rd fraction, special lacquering, petrol/diesel power generator, extended feeding hopper, remote control, knifes, connection facility, ripped belt, chute etc.