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Granulador AG


The extremely robust AG Granulator were develop for the size reduction of metals but does also perform very well when size reducing other material such as cable waste, plastics and other materials.  No matter which type of material is fed into the AG Granulator – metal, recyclable waste or substitute fuels – the AG granulator performs brilliantly.

All components are designed for a maximum durability. The rotor of the AG Granulator is manufactured out of rolled and forged steel and made for a demanding long term use even in the field of scrap metal recycling.


The AG Granulator from THM is made for throughput, throughput and again throughput. The field of applications is exceptional large:

  • Domestic and industrial waste
  • Electro- and electronic waste (electro motors up to 1,5 kg, transformers up to 3 kg)
  • Car and truck tires
  • Aluminium shavings from turning and milling
  • Die cast parts and steel profiles
  • Cable scrap
  • Oil filters
  • Steel and plastic barrels
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • etc.


Typ Power Rotor Ø Infeed Opening Overall Dimension (L/W/H) Weight
AG 1608 250 kW 785 mm approx. 1630 x 615 mm approx. 2800 x 2990 x 3360 mm approx. 23,5 t
AG 2008 315 kW 785 mm approx. 2020 x 615 mm approx. 3200 x 2990 x 3360 mm approx. 26 t
AG 2808 2 x 250 kW 785 mm approx. 2820 x 615 mm approx. 4000 x 2990 x 3360 mm approx. 31 t


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