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The dual-shaft shredder VZ 850 developed by our technical director Norbert Hammel, incorporates innovative technologies and decades of experience in the recycling industry into one powerful machine. Due to the hydraulic drive this shredder is suitable for almost any material – even the really big chunks!
  • Patented T-blade profile guarantees a precise cutting process (energy savings up to 15%)
  • Two tilting hoppers for optimal feeding of the material to the tool shafts
  • Automatic reversing function protects against fracture of the cutting tools
  • Low noise level due to effective sound insulation and low engine speed
  • Integrated fine dust filter frees the engine compartment of dust particles
  • Optional wheel axle with solid rubber tires guarantees unrestricted maneuverability
  • Low wear and maintenance costs and maintenance friendly modular design

Diesel Drive (D)
For most applications the version with a diesel engine and a wheel axle is suitable. Due to the sturdy hook lift base frame, the machine can be transported to different locations without any problems. With the help of a wheel loader or forklift truck, it can also be repositioned quickly and easily on the job site by the integrated drawbar.

Diesel Tracks (DK)
For mobile use, we offer the version with track system. This allows the machine to be moved to a new location independently without any other equipment. This model is also designed for use in rough terrain. In addition, the chassis can be equipped with rubber track shoes to protect the surface. It is controlled by a 21-channel radio remote control.

Electric Drive (E)
For all situations where special requirements for exhaust and noise emissions apply, we offer a version with an electric engine. It is also possible to divide the shredder into several components in order to meet structurally related specifications

Model Performance (kW/PS) Length x Width x Height (mm) Shafts (mm) Weight (kg)
VZ 850 D 565 kW (768 hp) 8.000 x 2.500 x 2.800 2.000 20.000
VZ 850 DK 565 kW (768 hp) 8.800 x 2.900 x 3.200 2.000 26.000
VZ 850 E 2 x 160 kW 8.200 x 2.500 x 2.900 2.000 20.000




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